Life is simple, but life is good in Vestyrsjö.

In fact, people from the other villages consider the about 50-60 clans living around the Western Lake as somewhat frivolous. It may be that the other five villages are envious: Around the five villages largest lakes the soil is excellent, and the low wooded hill range to the north keeps any early cold away long enough to get a good grape and other fruit harvest in.

Food is plentiful and this gives the villagers enough time to pursue their daily chores with a bit more bounce in the step. They are known for their excellent woodworking. You will not see much metal here, but the best chairs, beds, and cabinets are made in Verstyrsjö. And none of them will be plain.

This does not mean that the villagers are careless. The young ones are well schooled and trained, but everything appears to be a bit easier. They can’t even be easily baited, when the “others” call them woodchucks, treehuggers, or forest lovers. They even look the part: Many villagers are tall and lean, and move around with an exceptional agility.

It is no wonder, that the Vestyrsjö girls usually are the attraction at the harvest festival in Korswick, the central and largest village. Most young boys are just to shy to join them on the dance floor because compared to the boys from the Western village, they simply look clumsy.

In the end Vestyrsjöans are appreciated by everyone around. All of the villagers have spent their Tower year up north at the lake shore. In the dreary winter months, it is usually the West Lakers who keep up everybody’s spirits, sing and party. None of them ever has taken home a sword fighting trophy, but neither have they failed to win the archery competition in more than 20 years.

More often than not it appears they have a very strong talent for earth or water elementalism, or healing hedge magic.


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