Character Generation

All session 1 characters are youngsters (16-18 years old – exceptions should have a good explanation for it) from the village of Vestyrsjö (West Lake) in Fembysdal (Five Village Dale).

The five villages were founded by five heroes of the last great Frost War (or Blizzard War II :sick:) both in an attempt to resettle the nearly completely devastated northern lands of the Rassilon continent. The culture is typically Saxa, but the villages have a heavy influence of the Northmen culture, as there has been a loose alliance with a clan to the west.

This google images page might give you a few ideas how it looked like, just keep in mind that the houses in your village are much more embellished!

The people from Vestyrsjö do share some traits the other villages don’t as such: They are mostly long, lean and fair-haired. Many appear to have longer life spans and the eyes and ears also show a resemblance to those of … elves!

This is also reflected in the names. Some bear traditional Saxa names, but some also bear a distinct Elvish influence (as in: You are allowed to make your name up as you wish :sick:).

Vestyrsjö’s founding hero was Æðelhild (I’d transcribe it as Aethelhild), the only woman among the five. According to the legend she was fierce in battle and elsewhere, and absolutely lethal with spear, bow and knife. Some people are thought to bear her blood, but she did not build a ruling dynasty as some of the other villages have.

Metals are pretty much an antithesis in this village, the people are simply good with wood, arts, growing things, and having a good time.

All children “play” at war – and can have a basic understanding of how to use a spear, a knife, how to gut an animal or use a bow. Playing “The Fall of the Frost King” is still very much en vogue, even though it sucks for the kid who has to play the Frost Ring. Even if they look at a kid and say “you are frozen” and they actually heed it, usually some other kid comes soundlessly from behind and clobbers it on the head. You know how it is…

Life has been peaceful, though. The North has been beaten – for good apparently. While there is some grumbling in the other villages, especially the central village Korsvaegen, about the tradition, the five villages still send their children on a one-year “tour of duty” to the tower, about a three-days-march north of Korsvaegen.

The tower originally overlooked a huge inland sea, now dried out (as a result of Blizzard War II) and is basically a small but potent fortress against the enemy from the North. It also holds a few workshops that are not available in the villages, making it part military service, part crafts apprenticeship.

The children are only required to spend one year there, but some sign up for longer (to learn more about a craft they like), some adults come back later for additional service years (as leaders).

The current commander is Aelfric, a well respected traditionalist, but the end of his posting is near. His second-in-command is Hrodgar Quickblade, currently thought of as the best weapons master “in the world”.

The adventure starts at harvest time. The kids coming of age that are going to begin their tower year are all going to Korsvaegen for the Tornfesten, a week-long gathering that starts with a party for all the kids going away (who actually leave the next morning) and ends with the Tacksaegelsefesten as a proper Thanksgiving Feast seven days later, when the young adults who have finished their duty year come back.

What I want from your characters:
Building the stats for characters in Savage Worlds is pretty easy. Select a few Perks and Hindrances, give yourself a few skills and you are pretty much done.

What I’d like is you to “know” your character, though. For 16-18 years he (or she!) has lived in this village, has never gotten out. What are his family, his friends, his teachers like? In the winter months there was organized school, where children have a chance to learn to write, basic math, as well as nature studies, but in the sommer it’s mostly parents giving practical studies (oft for kids of several families together) or kids just working alongside their parents.

What is going through his head on any given day (yes, given the hormone level, we know what that is for a male 16- to 18- year old, but think about the remaining hour per day or so…)? Does he already have an idea what he wants to do with his life? Is he already beset by certain drama? Sickness and accidental deaths are rare in Vestyrsjö, fortunately, but there is a decent-sized number of kids that grow up without a known father. These children commonly are known as “forest children” and are not ostracized in the village proper. It is only outside that the different morals of other villagers may clash with what is normal in West Lake.

Make it so that the others in the game can get an insight into who he is, and how he might act on important questions.

Feel free to use any “20 Questions” to flesh out your character’s character :sick:, like these or these.

Character Generation

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